Attitude Sales!

People don’t sell because you tell them to… They sell because they believe in something.  

I have had a long career in sales. I have sold, managed those who sold and trained those who sold. People who are really good at sales, no matter what they are selling, have one common core quality, it is called BELIEF! This is not a sales training book, but this is a book about your attitude; what are you believing about your attitude? Sales isn’t just about product sales, there is sales in religion, medicine, politics; you name it, sales is everywhere. The difference makers and the difference leaders are those who can effectively communicate to their audience what their belief is and why their belief will benefit those who listen. So, what are you selling? If you really take a look at your business or life, you are selling something and what you’re selling is a belief in something. Your attitude will affect your intensity regarding that belief. The better the attitude, the more the belief, the more the sales, the more the success. The worse the attitude, the weaker the belief, the weaker the sales, the less the success. It is quite simple.

Attitude Transformation Opportunity – Go to your Get Attitude Playbook, ask yourself these questions and write down your responses.

  • What am I selling?
  • What is my attitude toward what I am selling?
  • If I believe in what I am selling, how or what must my improved attitude be in order to create more attraction around my sale?

Remember you may not be selling a product. You may simply be selling a lifestyle, such as “stay at home mom.” The public has all kinds of attitudes on “stay at home parenting.” All that matters is what you believe, what your attitude is toward it, and how it aligns with your lifestyle and presentation to the world. Your belief will attract and be contagious just like your attitude. They are and need to be in alignment in order for you to empower others. Empowering others can, in fact, change the world and most importantly your world!

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