Being Positive Is A Choice

Do you ever notice how some people in your life just seem to simply have an amazing attitude all the time? How are they able to do that? Is it natural? Well, for some people it is because of their DNA and upbringing. There are also people who actually work and focus on having an amazing attitude.

The great Zig Ziglar answered the question about motivation and how to stay motivated this way, “Motivation is just like bathing, it is something we recommend you do daily.” If not, the stink will build up and you can get what we call “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

My guess is when you think of the most positive people who are in your life, the ones you look at and say, “My gosh, they get it; I’d love to have an attitude like them!”, chances are they are practicing one, if not all, of these at some point in their day. If they are really good, my guess is they are starting their day with one of these tools or Challenges as I call them.

Before you get these Alphabet Attitude Challenges it is important to understand that attitude comes in two forms…Positive and Negative. I see no reason to focus on negative attitudes, or how people get them, because I know of no person who has asked me to help develop their negative attitude! So, as we show you these 26 Alphabet Attitude Challenges, they are meant to help you gravitate toward, pull through and master having a good attitude.

Understand this: having, owning, learning about, cultivating and possessing a positive attitude is all about you and your desire to achieve one. I cannot force you, you cannot force anyone else, it’s a choice, it’s a choice most people with a negative attitude are not equipped to make, don’t understand and are helpless in their pursuit on their own. That is why I wrote this book, as a simple easy guide for those who are closed and stuck in their circumstance not their vision to breakout and live a life of happiness, contribution, significance and certainty in their own head.  It may sound a bit overwhelming, all these good things, but I can assure you they are better than having despair, uncertainty, loneliness, self-pity and boredom in your life.

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