Dressed For Success: Part 1

How You Show Up needs to become, yes you guessed it, an Attitude!

Introductions and first impressions are made within less than a minute! You know this, but how good are you at making a good impression? If all you get from this book is how to show up better, it will already be worth it!

Understand there are many ways people teach how to show up. Many experts may disagree with this; however, I believe like-minded people seem to agree and get along better. I realize there is no rule, but if you try this, my hunch is your results will improve.

Let me give you a few of my Attitude Engagement Formula’s for showing up that will change your life forever.

  1. Look Good Feel Good – The way you look matters, period. People judge you on your looks instantly, especially in a professional setting. I believe you can never over dress. I know of specific instances when showing up underdressed cost people opportunities to advance relationships, photograph their associations and limited their access to important people or venues. Has this ever happened to you? Feeling good is about your energy is transferrable; people can feel it thru your handshake, see it thru your smile and hear it in your voice.                                                                              
  2. Have Passion and Emotion – Although there are people who are turned off by excited, passionate people, those who have influence, attraction and a positive attitude treasure the interaction with people who possess these two great traits, especially if they recognize it right up front.                             
  3. SMILE always thru the first physical contact – Do you really think people are more attracted to people who don’t smile? Who would you rather meet, a smiling stranger or a stranger with no emotion on their face, or even worse a frown?                                                                                                      
  4. Drill them with EYE CONTACT, look thru them into their soul – Some people feel intimidated by this, but this is about showing up as confident, assertive and fearless. In a business situation especially, the recipient who stares back can most likely influence your future for the positive. If you look away or down, that person may not think you have the MOXY to produce for them.                         
  5. Empathize with how they are feeling in the moment – This is learned, felt and developed. If your skill is poor at this, you need to meet more people. The best way to do this is to listen (which my good friend John Hannon taught me is defined as “wanting to hear”), ask them to explain further, then repeat their thoughts and words. Finally, ask them afterward if they feel like you understand their feelings correctly. You may say something like, “Do I seem to understand what you are saying or feeling correctly?”

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