Keynotes & Workshops


Glenn brings his Best-Selling Book to life with Keynotes and Workshops focusing on attitude awareness, attitude influences, self-assessments, and attitude improvement with his 10 attitude boosters! His Attitude leadership program will focus on getting your team to commit and align for greatness, as well as creating an attitude of accountability and passion for your environment. Glenn speaks nationally to audiences that thirst for increased production, profitability, and morale for their team or company. There is a common link in successful people, relationships, teams, businesses, and leaders…


The Attitude Hour

Glenn Bill speaks from his experience. He believes and lives that attitude is the ultimate differentiator on any team, in any company or during any crisis or achievement.

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Leadership Attitude

Is the way you think giving you what you want out of life? Everyone wants to talk about and study everyone elseʼs story; however, the most important story is your story!

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The ABC's of Attitude

Within this worksop, you’ll get the framework needed to apply what you learn to your personal and professional lives. Attaining attitude achievement is as easy as the ABCʼs.

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The Clarity Summit

The Clarity Summit is a day and a half collaborative networking adventure with a group of talented business leaders, salespeople, and entrepreneurs who do not need improvement but want improvement. We create an environment of learning, earning, and yearning for high achievement. The CLARITY SUMMIT IS YOUR GATEWAY TO GREATNESS!

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