Show Up On Purpose

Let’s face it, we can all recall that one person who we met that has had a major influence over our life, and it all began with how you showed up to them and how they showed up to you. This could have been:

  • Your best friend
  • A mentor
  • A future spouse
  • A great love
  • A business partner
  • A new boss

The painful circumstance to me is when I reflect on all my missed opportunities because of how I showed up. Since this is a book about attitude, mostly positive attitude, you need to come to terms with those memories, and move on and show up like you never have before.

ATTITUDE REALIZATION: When you have to meet or call on someone new, understand they  could be the missing KEY to the rest of your life.  

When I train salespeople on customer service and “showing up” (which is exactly what customer service is), I always tell them to think about how they treat a “normal joe” walking through the door and how they would react and “show up” if it were Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and for those readers who hate people, what if it were a dog! It is crazy to watch people transform when they actually think about how they would treat a celebrity as opposed to a “normal customer.”

If you develop the Attitude of Celebrity and start treating everyone like they are a celebrity, you will see your attitude, your mood, your fun and your happiness increase.

Try it for a day. Pick the celebrity you would most like to meet and treat everyone you see today as that person, or for you animal lovers, that puppy!  

How you are showing up is a direct reflection on how your life is going. I believe there is proportionality to that equation. Everyone is trying to find the ultimate differentiator. Is it adding value, creating an experience, differentiation, being a game changer, or celebrity?

I believe the ultimate differentiator is ATTITUDE. Let’s continue learning how to have an Amazing Attitude!

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