Would You Hire You?

One of the expectations I set for myself as a business person was the “I am my own customer” expectation. Ultimately, in any adventure, venture or business you undertake, aren’t you ultimately the customer you must please?

I am a very demanding customer; I consider that a gift. My attitude when it comes to service is rarely matched. My intensity on customer experience and communication is a driving force that burns in me, and when I don’t receive it or deliver it, it affects my attitude. It is one of the biggest challenges high producers face when it comes to attitude.

How do we turn it off? How do we disengage from a business we love so much that fulfills our most every emotional need? The answer: you’ve got to work at it. Just like you’ve got to work at your attitude. Go back to the RID OF formula and continue to adjust, continue to take more halftime breaks and plan, analyze and adjust each day to how your game is going.

It just amazes me that people do not perform as they expect others to perform for them. Simple question, are you one of those people? This is not an easy answer to get to, but the next time you go to dinner and get annoyed with a server who is doing ten tables at a time, ask yourself if you would be juggling what they are in the same manner? Do I juggle everything in my day, my business day, in the same manner? Do I have grace? Do I make everyone feel important even though I have no time? Do I do the little things that show I am on top of my game, or do I ignore them, pass them off as unimportant and not deliver to the level I know I can?  What is your attitude when receiving and giving service?

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