Your Positive Attitude is a Precious Asset

The first thing to do when you hit a challenging cycle in business is to keep your attitude positive. I know this can be difficult, but not doing it doesn’t help anything. Letting the negatives get to you is what average people do. And since you’re reading this article, I know that you’re not average!

When you allow yourself to get down you’re more likely to find reasons not to do the important things that make money. Why? You just won’t feel like expending the effort required to make things happen. When you’re already feeling down, your threshold for handling rejection tends to be low as well. In other words, if you allow your spirits to sink, your sales performance will, too.

Keep a Positive Attitude
It’s important to take all necessary steps to keep your attitude positive when facing challenging times. You might expect to encounter negativity from your clients. They probably see you as a shoulder to cry on or at least a willing ear to listen. However, don’t be blindsided by negativity in other areas of your business life. Nearly every office has at least one person you can talk with for five minutes and feel emotionally drained. Pay attention to how much time you’re spending with that person and cut back. Steer clear of them entirely for a few days if at all possible. Your positive attitude is a precious asset—protect it.

Work on getting everyone you can influence to be proactive about being positive. Get your family or roommates started on seeking out good news to share. Post positive quotes or sayings around the house. You may not be able to have a major influence on what happens outside your home but you certainly can set the tone for what happens inside it.

The Art to Being More Productive
Take a lesson from others who are more positive and successful than you. Over the years, I’ve noticed that successful people—those who lead companies, build estates, and fulfill their highest potentials don’t spend much more time working than many unsuccessful people do. In fact, many work fewer hours each week than the average folks do. The difference is that the successful people have the ability to get more productivity out of every hour.

How do they do it? Their method is amazingly simple. In fact, it’s so simple that many people just won’t believe it works and won’t even give it a try.

The whole idea centers on not trying to do too much. It’s an established fact that the average person cannot successfully handle more than six or seven things in their minds at one time. Yet, we try to do it all the time. We have information about our jobs, our clients, our parents, kids and friends all floating around in our minds. We allow ourselves to overload—at least until we learn the simple method of writing down all those details. Don’t leave me here because you think I’m just telling you to keep a To Do List. This strategy goes much deeper than that.

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